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KORONA Health Resort



Anzahl der Plätze: 120
Anzahl der Zimmer: 64
Apartments: 7

KORONA Health Resort is located 1 km south-west of the centre of Muszyna, on the hill, in the heart of Zapopradzie.

The resort offers comfortable guestrooms, some of them are studios or suits and a cafe and sauna. The advantage is the location within 150 km from the water recreational complex, amphitheatre, tennis courts, horse stables and 700 m from the mineral water pump room. In the Muszyna there are worth seeing: the ruins of the castle of Muszyńskie country governors from the sixteenth century, the historic complex of burgher residential houses from the nineteenth/twentieth century, seventeenth century baroque defence church.


Mściwujewskiego street 2
33-370 Muszyna
Breite und Länge: 49.349633,20.889501
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