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JULIANÓWKA health resort



Anzahl der Plätze: 140
Anzahl der Zimmer: 60

The “Julianówka” health resort house is located in the centre of Ciechocinek.

The resort is situated in the town centre - not far from the health resort park where the antique, highlander style concert bowl is located, as well as the mineral water drinking hall, and the “Jaś i Małgosia” fountain. The Letni Teatr (summer theatre) may be seen while walking to the twig towers. The following are at the guests’ disposal: treatment facilities, dining room, café and library. The resort organises: bus and hiking excursions, tram rides, and cruises on the Vistula River.


Widok street 10
87-720 Ciechocinek
Breite und Länge: 52.87619,18.791118
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