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Cycling tours for professionals and for families with children, Polish Village with animation for children, music, Polish food and drinks!  

Join us on 14 September in Tielt and have an amazing day!

The objective of this event is to highlight the role of Poland in the liberation of Flemish cities and villages from the German occupation by the Polish 1st Armoured Division commanded by General Maczek in September 1944. 2019 marks the 75th anniversary of these events as well as the centenary of diplomatic relations between Poland and Belgium.

This sporting event combined with important historical anniversaries will also be an occasion to promote Poland as a tourist destination, and in particular its rich offer of bicycle tourism allowing the discovery of the natural assets of the Polish regions.

Experienced cyclists will be able to participate in the bike ride following General Maczek's footsteps over two distances: 120 km and 80 km. Four trips to Poland (stays and flights included) will be drawn by lot among the participants. Discover the prizes to win!

Amateur cyclists and families with children are invited to two  itineraries around Tielt (20 km and 40 km). The participants will cross the parking spots where they can relax, discover a fascinating history about the liberation of Flanders by Polish soldiers and participate in a competition with many prizes, including a professional bicycle (see below for practical info). Discover the prizes to win.

After finishing the sports activities, the participants will have the opportunity to visit the "Polish Village". Here, one can taste  specialties of the Polish  food and drinks, listen to the musical group ‘DecoEnsemble’, watch the acrobatic bike show performed by Krystian Herba, Polish champion of Bike Trail,  the passage of an old aircraft by Luc Coussement, visit the exhibition "Armoured Wings" which is about the 1 Polish Armoured Division of General Maczek as well as discover the tourist attractions and cycling trails (Green Velo a trail presentend in a special 5D capsule) of many Polish regions, or participate in many workshops for children.

P  R  O  G  R  A  M

14 September 2019, 9.00 – 17.00, Generaal Maczek Plein 5, 8700 Tielt


7h00 – 8h40   Preparations for departures, information, registration, etc.(inside Europahaal)

9h00                Departure ceremony – P1. Departure of Peleton 1 (120 km)

10h00             Departure ceremony – P2. Departure Peleton 2 (80 km)

Between 10h00 and 13h00      Registration free of charge for Family rides (40 km or 20 km or less). Family ride is based on check points where you discover stories of General Maczek’s soldiers.  By solving short historical riddles you have a chance to win great prizes! A lot of fun is guaranteed

14h00             Arrival of Peleton 1 and 2

PART 2 – POLISH VILLAGE -  festivities, music, drinks and food

12h00 - 17h00 Stands promoting Poland, animation for children. Polish music, food and drinks

Performed by Polish regions and partners.

12h00             Polish children’s folk dance band “Let’s Dance“ from Antwerp

12h30             Bike’s acrobatic shows performed by Krystian Herba, East Poland Green Velo Trail’s Ambassador, Guinness World Record’s Winner. 

13h00             Polish children’s folk dance band “Let’s Dance“ from Antwerp

13h30             Wreath laying ceremony at Stanislas’ Gate and the cemetery in Tielt

14h00             Polish Village official opening: Ambassador of Poland, Minister-President of Flanders (tbc), Director of the Polish Tourism Organisation in Belgium, Governor of Western Flanders, Bourgmestre of Tielt

14h15             “Destination Poland 1”– Official drawing of prizes in the contest for participants of Liberation Ride on 120 km or 80 km.

Trips to Poland with flights sponsored by: POC Partners, Opolskie, Lodzkie and Kujawsko-Pomorskie Region, LOT Polish Airlines.

14h20             Old aircraft passage by Luc Coussement

14h30             Bike’s acrobatic shows performed by Krystian Herba, East Poland Green Velo Trail’s Ambassador, Guinness World Record’s Winner. 

15h00             Concert by the group DecoEnsemble

15h30             Bike workshop, by Krystian Herba

16h00             Concert by the group DecoEnsemble

16h30             “Destination Poland 2”– Official drawing of prizes in the contest for participants of Family Rides (first price – bike worth 1000 euros; toys for children, Polish food baskets etc.) Discover all the prizes

17h00             End of event

Activities available all day long (inside Europahal, Kleine Zaal):

  • “Armoured wings” – historical exhibition presenting the achievements of the First Polish Armoured Division of General Maczek  (Soldiers’ storytelling performed by “1st Polish Armoured Division Antwerp Reconstruction Group” at 15h30)
  •  Library Corner for children by Biblioteka PL, part of Daskalia vzw.



Starting point: Generaal Maczekplein 5, 8700 Tielt 

Registration for 120km or 80 km rides www.grinta.be/nl/liberation-ride

No previous registration needed for Family Rides. Start between 10h00 and 13h00

Access to Polish Village and all activites are free of charge. Polish Village opens at 12:00 but some attractions will be available earlier.

PROFESSIONAL RIDES – 120 km and 80 km

Every participant of the Liberation Rides for 80 km and 120 km needs to register in advance at: https://www.grinta.be/nl/liberation-ride The participation in Liberation Ride costs 30 euro per person. Participants will receive a collector’s biking shirt, a collector’s bag and a Polish meal after the ride.

All participants of 120 and 80 km rides are invited for drawing of the prizes right after the official opening of the Polish Village held at Generaal Maczekplein in Tielt, near the historical tank of the 1st Polish Armoured Division. The prizes will be drawn at 14h30 after the opening speeches.

FAMILY RIDES - 40 km and 20 km.

Family rides are free of charge, open for a large public and do not require earlier registration. However, if you want to take part in prize drawing, you need to register just before the ride in Welcome desk tent, in the Polish village in Tielt. Registration is held  between 10h00  and 13h00. Only people who have registered will take part in prize drawing. During registration, you will receive a flyer to fill in.

How does that work?

On your bike trail, you will have 2 stops (for 20 km ride) or 4 stops (for 40 km ride) where you will have to solve easy and interesting tasks related to Polish soldiers’ history. Upon arrival to the Polish Village in Tielt, the flyer has to be returned to the registration point. The drawing of the winners will take place at 16h30 near the historical tank of 1st Armoured Division. 

Map of the 20 km trail: https://www.routeyou.com/nl-be/route/view/5906872/recreatieve-fietsroute/plr19-25

Map of the 40 km trail: https://www.routeyou.com/nl-be/route/view/5906879/recreatieve-fietsroute/plr19-40

More on www.polen.travel/nl-be (info in Dutch and French)


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