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A view tower on Mount Leszczynowa (Hazel)


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Suwalski Park Krajobrazowy
Malesowizna - Turtul 24
16-404 Malesowizna - Turtul
Provinsen: PODLASKIE

Thanks to a wooden view tower on Mount Leszczynowa – one of the highest hills in Suwałki Landscape Park, vast panoramas of Lake Hańcza and postglacial landscape of the Park can be admired.
A wooden (9 m high) view tower on the top of Mount Leszczynowa allows to admire extensive views of Suwałki Landscape Park and of the deepest Polish lake – Hańcza. Mount Leszczynowa is a forested hill - one of the highest in the Park (272 m above the sea level) – with a steep cliff in the direction of Lake Hańcza in Przełomka. On the grounds of the village there is an information board, a black trail leads to the top of the Mount. The Folk Gallery and the Earth’s House (a clay and thatched house) in the Mackiewiczs farmyard is definitely worth visiting.


Provinsen: PODLASKIE
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