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Gimnazjum Piastowskie

Brzeg invites to see the beautiful Gimnasium with its beautiful interior. Outside, it is also so beautiful, especially at night.

GIMNAZIUM PIASTOWSKIE - former "Gymnasium Illustre Bregensis" built in 1564-1596 and founded by a duke - Jerzy II. Second latin gimnasium in Silesia that used to have a rich books' collection so called Biblioteka Piastowska(Piasts' Library) received from castle's collegiate. The school very well-known in Silesia with the right of granting the title of "Phd" and laurel crowns to poets.There was educated youth from Czech, German countries and Polish Kingdom. Completely destroyed during World War II, rebuilt in 1963-1967.


PlacStanisława Moniuszki
49-300 Brzeg
Breite und Länge: 50.8609,17.4668
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