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Fortified Walls

The longest and oldest section of the city walls. At the time of Kazimierz the Great, Kalisz was surrounded by defence walls with fifteen towers and two main gates: Wrocławska and Toruńska.

The oldest fragments of town fortifications erected in pre-Casimir period i.e. before 1333 (at Kadecka St. among others) were 1 meter thick and arranged in Wendish style. Fortifications from the Casimir the Great times were a half meter thicker and made in Polish style. The construction of brick walls was finished in 1361. The last element was the southern gate, one of the five town gates. The circumference of the walls was in the shape of an irregular oval and of approx. 1600m. The longest preserved section is situated at Parczewskiego Street. It`s 6 meters high from the outside. Three brick cantilevers for supporting the outside. Three brick cantilevers for supporting the overhang watch-tower have been preserved too.


62-800 Kalisz
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