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Zabrze Philharmonic


Symphony Orchestra in Zabrze, Poland has 60 musicians, while its general and artistic director since 1990 is Slawomir Chrzanowski.

The repertoire of the orchestra plays prefers the style of Classicism and early Romanticism, as we look eagerly to contemporary works - especially the Silesian School of composers. In constant cycles are presented stage operas and operettas. We are constantly in the repertoire of several different programs, popular music, film, jazz and musicals. The artistic season the team is preparing some 20 programs, symphonies, five oratorios, several entertainment and 10 separate programs in the cyclic action for children and adolescents. Currently touring an average of 10 times a month at the headquarters of the orchestra and on stages across the country.


Wolności street 325
41-800 Zabrze
Provinz: ŚLĄSKIE
Breite und Länge: 50.302142242779,18.792221546173
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