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WODNIK Health resort



Anzahl der Plätze: 56
Anzahl der Zimmer: 25

The health resort is located in the seaside district, 300m away from the promenade, on the edges of Park Zdrojowy.

The centre offers single, double/twin and triple rooms with washing facilities. On the ground floor there is a cafeteria serving three meal daily catering. Modern treatment base and professional staff are also available for guests. Offer: diadynamic, iontophoresis, muds, lymph drainage, laser, inhalations and many others. Guests may go by bicycle lanes, visit interesting monuments and go in for water sports. Online booking is available.


Sienkiewicza street 9
72-600 Świnoujście
Breite und Länge: 53.917684,14.249483
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