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Wieprzec Peat Bog Reserve



A beautiful and unforgettable landscape abounding in protected species and filled with diverse plant life.

The Wieprzec Peat Bog Reserve belongs to the grounds of the Wieprzec Wychody Village. The Reserve was founded in 1986 to protect the plant life in the peat bog velley at the Topornica and Wieprzca uprivers. It covers nearly 32 ha and has very diversified soils, such as: peat, podsolic, brown and boggy soils. Just outside the South reserve border there are small dunes (up to 1.5 m high). Thanks to such diversity the soil allows for peat bog, meadow and grassland plant life. Among the protected plant species we should mention: downy willow, large pink, globeflower, the moor-king lousewort, Gentiana, and two varieties of orchids – the broad-leaved and spotted orchids. The Reserve gives us a chance to see: the lily of the valley, martagon and the Eastern pasqueflower.


22-400 Wieprzec
Breite und Länge: 50.6552,23.1673
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