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PERŁA Health Resort



Anzahl der Plätze: 280
Apartments: 3

The health resort is situated on the cliff coast line, with direct access to a sandy beach, surrounded by forest paths for walks and bicycle or horse rides.

The hotel offers rooms in a pavilion and lodging places in camping houses. Their equipment includes: radio, telephone, shower, washbasin, kettle, dishes and beach equipment. The holidaymakers may choose from a wide range of treatments of: organs of movement, spine, respiratory tract, circulatory system and other. The resort offers 24/7 medical and nursing care. Aside from the above mentioned services, the resort organises symposiums and conferences. Within the grounds guests may use the volleyball and basketball fields, tennis court and billiards.


Wczasowa street 27
76-270 Ustka
Breite und Länge: 54.587414,16.881423
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