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KRUS Health Resort



Anzahl der Plätze: 250
Anzahl der Zimmer: 150

Krus Health Resort is located on the picturesque Roztocze Południowe, about 2 km from the centre of Horyniec-Zdrój, on the road 867.

Modern, spacious sanatorium building offers comfortable accommodation in comfortable guestrooms of high standard. There is possibility to use library, billiards, Nordic Walking, sports fields – football, volleyball and badminton. The resort has its own park with designated walking paths and a fountain. It is situated in immediate vicinity of Landscape Park. It is worth knowing that in Horyniec there are one of the largest sources of mud, what conducive rehabilitation and treatment stays. In the city it is worth visiting Połonińskich Palace (originally a hunting chateau of the sixteenth and seventeenth century) and a Franciscan monastery from the eighteenth century (the Baroque style and unique wall paintings).


Sanatoryjna street 2
37-620 Horyniec-Zdrój
Breite und Länge: 50.191461,23.363291
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