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Anzahl der Zimmer: 26

Jagusia Sanatorium Spa house for children is located in the centre of Kudowa Zdrój, one of the most beautiful and oldest holiday centres in Poland, located on the southern slopes of Stołowe Mountains, near the border with the Czech Republic. The mild climate, fresh air and mineral waters, as well as fine landscapes and many landmarks are makin this area undoubtedly attractive.

The sanatorium is located in the vicinity of the Spring Park and comprises of two beautiful buildings connected to each other with architecturally interesting passage. One of them offers a range of accommodation and medical care, and the other is a school with two common rooms, a library, a computer lab, a gymnasium and a cosy dining area. Little spa guests can enjoy a park with a playground and a sports field and a swimming pool for rehabilitation and recreational and a comfortable fitness centre. The spa also offers comfortable rooms for parents and carers who want to accompany their children during their treatment. The variety of extra-curricular activities [hiking tours, educational games, art contests, sports events, campfires, drama classes], combined with a friendly environment, and almost family-like atmosphere that allow children to discover and develop their abilities, gain confidence in their own abilities and forget about the disease , making return to health easier and quicker.


Słoneczna street 17
34-532 Kudowa-Zdrój
Breite und Länge: 50.439982,16.24837
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