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Join us for Liberation Ride on the 14.09.2019 in Tielt, Flanders and win amazing prizes - trips to Poland, Polish treats, a great bike and many more!

Liberation Bike Ride 2019Join us for Liberation Ride on the 14.09.2019 in Tielt, Flanders and win amazing prizes - trips to Poland, Polish treats, a great bike and many more!

Liberation Ride is a bike ride commemorating Polish soldiers of 1st Armoured Division who liberated several Flemish cities during the II WW. We propose 4 different rides and a Polish village where you can discover how beautiful Poland is. You will find the entire program here: https://www.polen.travel/nl-be/we-adviseren/nieuws/liberation-ride-festivities-program

Below, we present all the prizes prepared for that unique event. We wait fro you in Tielt, the 14 of September 2019!

PROFESSIONAL RIDES – 120 km and 80 km

All participants of 120 and 80 km rides are invited for drawing of the prizes right after the official opening of the Polish Village held at Generaal Maczekplein in Tielt, near the historical tank of the 1st Polish Armoured Division. The prizes will be drawn at 14h30 after the opening speeches. Every participant of the Liberation Rides for 80 km and 120 km needs to register in advance at: https://www.grinta.be/nl/liberation-ride  The participation in Liberation Ride costs 30 euro per person. Participants will receive a collector’s biking shirt, a collector’s bag and a Polish meal after the ride.

TO WIN (120 km and 80 km)

1. A trip to Darłowo, Zachodniopomorskie Region

een foto van de stranden in Darlowo

A 4 days stay for two people in Marina Royale Darłowo, Polish sea resort situated at the Baltic Coast with direct flight to Gdansk from Eindhoven. The prize includes also  parking at the airport, rental car in Poland and one night in Gdansk, called the Pearl of Baltic sea.

Zachodniopomorskie region offers maritime landscapes - golden beaches sheltered by massive, sharp cliffs and fishing boats with seagulls soaring over them. The lake district with its hundred post-glacial lakes is a wonderful place for yachtsmen, kayakers and cyclists.

Sponsor : POC Partners

2. A trip to Kujawsko-Pomorskie region

een foto van Bydgoszcz

A two-day stay for two people in Kujawsko-Pomorskie region with LOT Polish Airlines flight from Brussels Airport. The prize includes also meals.

Kujawsko-Pomorskie region is the land of Nicolaus Copernicus, born in the Gothic town of Toruń. The city is also  renowned  for tasty gingerbread.  Adventure lovers can quest Tucholskie Forest, one of the oldest Polish nature reserves and relax near unique saline graduation towers in Ciechocinek. Bydgoszcz is another beautiful city of the region, worth discovering.

Sponsors : Kujawsko-Pomorskie Region, LOT Polish Airlines

3. A trip to Moszna Castle, Opolskie region

Een foto van de Moszna Kasteel

A two-day stay for two people in the historical castle of Moszna in Opolskie region with LOT Polish Airlines flight from Brussels Airport.

Opolskie, the smallest  region of Poland  is abundant in historical sites from different eras – from Gothic fortified castles to Baroque palaces and 19th century eclectic mansions. The castle in Moszna is one of the best known monuments in the southern Poland. This gigantic 7,000 square and 65,000 cubic meter construction was started in the 17th century. It contains 365 rooms and 99 turrets. It is reminiscent of English castles from the Elizabethan period. The stud farm with thoroughbred Arab horses attracts many enthusiasts of equestrian sports.

Sponsors : Opolskie Region, LOT Polish Airlines

4. A trip to Lodzkie region

Een foto van Lodz

A two-day stay for two people in Łódzkie region with LOT Polish Airlines flight from Brussels

Łódzkie, the region located right in the heart of Poland is a land where four cultures – Polish, Jewish, Russian and German were mingling over centuries. The region has great traditions of the textile industry, a unique thermal spa center and the longest equestrian trail in Europe – Major “Hubal” Trail.  Łódź with its 850,000 inhabitants is the second largest city of Poland. In the 19th century, textile factories began developing here with unimaginable rapidity. A testimony of industrial architecture, they carry the same message as the superb palaces of their former owners and still well preserved workers’ housing estates.

Sponsors : Tourism Organization of Lodzkie Region, LOT Polish Airlines

FAMILY RIDES – 40 km and 20 km

Family rides are free of charge, open for a large public and do not require earlier registration. However, if you want to take part in prize drawing, you need to register just before the ride, in the Polish village at the Europahal in Tielt. Registration is held  between 10h00  and 13h00. Only people who have registered will take part in prize drawing. During registration, you will receive a flyer to fill in.

How does that work?  On your bike trail, you will have 2 stops ( for 20 km ride) or 4 stops (for 40 km ride) where you will have to solve easy and interesting tasks related to Polish soldiers’ history. Upon arrival to the Polish Village in Tielt, the flyer has to be returned to the registration point.  he drawing of the winners will take place at 16 :30 near the historical tank of 1st Armoured Division. 

Map of 20 km ride: https://www.routeyou.com/nl-be/route/view/5906872/recreatieve-fietsroute/plr19-25

Map of 40 km ride: https://www.routeyou.com/nl-be/route/view/5906879/recreatieve-fietsroute/plr19-40

TO WIN - 40 km and 20 km

1. A high quality bike.

2. A bicycle cart to carry a child, offered by Szamotuly, partner city of Tielt.

3. A two-day stay for two people in Lower Silesia Region, famous for amazing historical castles and palaces as well as Wroclaw, a gothic city, Capital of Culture 2016

4. A two-day stay for two people in Busko Zdrój, a historical thermal station famous for unique sulfur source water offered by Bristol Busko Art. & Mediacl SPA****

5. Puzzles

6. Polish treats offered by Mazovia region and Masuria region




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