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Gothic Castle Trail


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- Kajakroute
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- Około 642km.


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It is one of the greatest attractions of the Kaszubian region and incorporates 12 castles.

The Gothic Castle Trail runs through the picturesque regions of Kaszubia, Powisle, Warmia and Masuria. Their main attractions are the medieval Teutonic castles and the residences of bishops and Chapters. There are 12 castles on the trail in the following locations:  Bytow, Malbork, Sztum, Kwidzyn, Olsztyn, Nidzica, Ostroda, Lidzbark Warminski, Ketrzyn, Ryn, Gniew and Nowe nad Wisla. The most famous among them is the Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork, the largest castle from the Middle Ages. Its construction began in the second half of 13th century and between 1309 and 1457 was the seat of the Grand Master of the Teutonic Order and thus the capital of the monastic state. The current state of the castle dates back to the post-war years when it was rebuilt and in part reconstructed after the ravages of World War II. This is just an example showing that a journey on the Gothic Castle Trail can provide an unusual experience and will be a true tourist adventure not just for enthusiasts of medieval architecture and history from the times of chivalry. These distant times are brought closer by historic re-enactments, tournaments, concerts of period music, workshops and fairs that are usually organised inside the castles. Community Association “Polish Gothic Castles” – Olsztyn (woj. Warminsko-Mazurskie) www.szlak.zamkigotyckie.org.pl


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