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Chojnow Park (Horse) Trail


Stien typen
- Kajakroute
Lengden på løypa
- 25km.


Nadleśnictwo Chojnów
Klonowa 13

A trail that includes the stunning, in terms of nature, Chojnowski Forest Loop

An interesting alternative for amateur equestrian tourists in the Warsaw region is the Piaseczynski Horse Trail. It was opened by the Equestrian Tourist Club PTTK in Wolka Pracka belonging to the PTTK branch in Piaseczno. The preparing and marking of the trail was financed by the District of Piaseczno. The trail is made up of the 25km “Chojnow Forest Loop” and also seven other linked trails, totalling a further 25km. These enable access to the loop from the equestrian tourist centres and also from the forest car park near Zabieniec, where the car and horse trailer can be left. The trail runs close to many interesting locations like nature reserves (Uroczysko Stephana, Pecherski Forest and Biele Chojnowskie), natural monuments and places of national remembrance. It also reveals a wealth of flora and fauna of the River Jeziorka basin by passing close to the habitats of animals such as beavers, wild ducks, swans and herons. The trail is marked with orange circles. Besides the basic markings on the trail there are also notice boards with maps of the area and information on interesting locations and natural landscapes. Chojnow Forest – Baniocha (woj. Mazowieckie) www.chojnow.com.pl


Klonowa street 13
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