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By the peaceful currents of the Vistula


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- Kajakroute
Lengden på løypa
- 153 km

North of Tarnów you can find interesting examples of wooden folk architecture, as well as the beautifully preserved manor house in Dębno and Judaic Museum in Dąbrowa Tarnowska.
From Tarnów we take Road 4 to Dębno (16 km). The old park here hides a Gothic (15th-c.) fortified knight’s residence: the only one in Poland that has been so well-preserved, turned into a museum. Every September a knights’ tournament is held here: “For the Golden Lock of the Tarłowski Maiden. From Dębno we go to Szczepanów (6 km) with the sanctuary of St Stanislaus, bishop of Kraków, martyr and patron saint of Poland, who was born here. His birthplace is commemorated by the Chapel of Birth and, enclosed in a wooden bower, the well, in which Bogna, Stanislaus’s mother, is said to have washed her new-born baby. From Szczepanów we follow Roads 768, 964, and 973 bound for Zalipie, a village famous for painted cottages, household appliances and craft products. They can be marvelled at in the buildings of Felicja Curyłowa’s household: today a branch of the Tarnów Regional Museum. Every June, a competition is organised for the best-decorated farm. We leave Zalipie along a side road passing through Olesno to Dąbrowa Tarnowska (here we can turn north to Szczucin, to the Museum of road construction). In Dąbrowa Tarnowska we can still see traces of the Jewish community. Having completed the tour, we take Road 73 back to Tarnów (23 km).


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