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Diocesan Museum in Kielce


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Most beautiful and historic works of sacred art of the Diocese of Kielce can be seen in the curia building where the Diocesan Museum is located.

History of the Diocesan Museum of Kielce dates back to the last century, when father Czesław Chodorowski published in 1911 in the "Diocesan Review" an article with the telling title: On the need for the creation of the Diocesan Museum. Referring to the examples of other European countries, the parish priest pointed to the need to establish such a facility not only to protect many valuable objects of art and souvenirs against theft, foreign traders and destruction, but also in order to benefit from artistic culture in Poland. Private collections - many coins, documents, vestments and paintings were donated in 1921 by the Bishop of Kielce, Augustyn Łosiński, to revive concern to rescue relics of the past and sent to the seminary any work of art of sculpture, painting, art, e.g. vestments, reliquaries, antiphonary, ornate old books, so that pieces of art within our churches are not destroyed or be subjected to different fate, and thus not disappear for our culture of past centuries.

This gave rise to the museum. At present, the museum has several permanent and temporary exhibitions.


Jana Pawła II street 3
25-013 Kielce
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