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Castle in Bytow




Antall plasser: 60
Antall rom: 30
Apartments: 1

A luxury hotel is today found in this 600 year old restored castle on a hill in Bytow.  Every year, re-enactments of historic battles of knights are staged here.

There is a small Gothic castle on a low hill in the centre of Bytow. The Teutonic Knights began the construction of this fortress at the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries. It was rectangular in shape with sides of 70m and 50m. The approaches to the castle from the eastern side were defended by a system of moats, a ward and a drawbridge. Modern for its time the castle’s role was, amongst others, of a border defence, a Teutonic Knight administrative centre and a rest-stop for Western European knights on their way to Malbork. During the Thirteen Year War, Bytow Castle fell into the hands of the Polish king, Kazimierz Jagiellonczyk, who gave the Bytow lands to the Pomeranian Duke for life. During the duke’s time the castle’s role, amongst others, was of a summer residence. Over the centuries the castle fulfilled many roles. After 1974 when renovation of the east wing work was completed, a library was established there. In 1980 the south wing was opened as a hotel and restaurant. The Western Kaszubian Museum was housed in the north wing and the Kaszubian Pomeranian Brotherhood of Knights of Bytow Castle who regularly organise staged battles of knights at the castle, make a stay here even more interesting. Hotel Castle Bytow (woj. Pomorskie) www.hotelzamek.com.pl


Zamkowa street 2
77-100 Bytów
Provinsen: POMORSKIE
Lengde- og breddegrad: 54.169081,17.492484