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Camaldolese Monastery in Rytwiany


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The monastery with all its buildings was the second Camaldolese centre in Poland, after Cracow’s Bielany. Since 2001, the care for the monastery has been provided by the Culture and Education Centre "Source".

To this day, the arriving tourists can admire the Church with Baroque furnishings, part of the ground floor of the monastic buildings with the so-called Tęczyński Hermitage - the only surviving hermit house of Jan Magnus Tęczyński, the founder of this sacred complex and part of farm buildings, which housed a monastery kitchen, foresteria (pilgrim house) and a pharmacy.

According to the programme "Trail of the Camaldolese, the time of silence and contemplation", there are plans to create a Camaldolese trail, starting in Rytwiany, and reconstruct the old Eremitorium, 16 hermit houses, restore the garden and construct tourism and recreation structures, where tourists will enjoy the enclave of peace to recover their strength. However, even today it is possible to spend holiday in former Camaldolese hermitage. The Hermitage of St. Benedict - the first restored house, has a bedroom, a living room with fireplace, a bathroom, a kitchen and a chapel. Full board is also guaranteed. One can enjoy fresh air, lovely forests surrounding the hermitage where one can take walks, pick mushrooms and ride a bicycle, or for example the pottery classes. In addition to holidays, one can have a barbecue party, a bonfire party, family reunions; have a taste of monastic meals, but with prior telephone contact with the office.

In the vicinity of the monastery, in a small valley in the woods, from which flows a source called Browarek, there is a beautifully situated a wooden chapel of Our Lady of Fatima. This place is on one of the bike trails, so it is worth to stay in this picturesque hideaway.


Klasztorna street 25
28-236 Rytwiany
Lengde- og breddegrad: 50.5023898,21.1939995