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Gauge railway


At the turn of 19th and 20th century, in the Eastern Carpathians there were built numerous narrow gauge railways. People used them especially to wood transport.

First narrow gauge railway was built in the Eastern Bieszczady Mountains close to village Tucholka. In 1895 opened the section of 26 km long from Lupkow to Majdan. Next the railwy line was lengthened from Majdan to Kalnica and Beskid (12 km). In the eastern part of the Western Bieszczady Mountains, during 1900-1904, there was built the section: Ustrzyki Dolne – Berezki – Pszczeliny – Stuposiany – Tarnawa Wyzna – Sokoliki Gorskie. The narrow gauge railway (so called Ciuchcia) stopped running in 1994. Two years later it was established Bieszczadzka Kolejka Leśna Founadation (Foundation of the Bieszczady Forest Railway) which operates during summer touristic season trains.


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