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From November 7th to November 29th, due to rapid grow in the number of diagnosed coronavirus infections, the government in Poland decided to introduce further restrictions aimed at halting the increase in the number of cases. The key changes are:

- Hotels are opened just for business guests;
- Museums, cinemas, theatres, galleries – closed;
- Closure of shops in shopping malls, excluding food, cosmetics, household chemistry, medical and pharmaceutical products, DIY, animal products, newspapers and services.
The government is also modifying customer limits in shops. In small outlets, up to 100 m2 , one person per 10 m2 will be able to stay . In larger shops (area over 100 m2), the limit will remain at the level of 1 customer per 15 m2.

Other restrictions still valid:

- Covering the mouth and nose outdoors is mandatory in the whole country! Exceptions: in forests, parks, within green spaces in botanical gardens and at the beach;
- 1.5 meter - minimum distance between pedestrians;
- The restaurants and other eating places are opened between 06.00 and 21.00 and just for taking away. Hotel restaurants are opened only for hotel guests;
- The number of participants in cultural and sport events is still being reduced to 25%;
- There is also a reduction in the number of people allowed in public gatherings up to max 5 people;
- All health resorts closed;
- Fitness centres and water parks closed;
- The number of people in the public transportation is reduced to 50% seats or 30% of all travellers;
- Movements of persons limited for children up to 16 and seniors over 70;
- Quarantine obligatory for those who had direct contact with persons infected with Covid-19 or live together with a person who is placed in quarantine.
For more information and the zone map check the Polish Ministry of Health website: https://www.gov.pl/web/coronavirus/temporary-limitations


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