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  • Babiogorski National Park

    Babiogorski National Park


    It has been entered on a list of international biosphere reserves. The rich vegetation and an abundance of hiking trails make this park attractive for tours.

  • Bialowieski National Park

    Bialowieski National Park


    Europe’s only remaining pristine lowland forest.  Its diverse wildlife and many species of plants contribute to the fact that the park was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

  • Biebrzanski National Park

    Biebrzanski National Park


    It is the largest park in Poland in which the unusual river valley of the Biebrza, its unique fauna and flora and several hundred of species of birds make it a haven for visitors.

  • Bory Tucholskie National Park

    Bory Tucholskie National Park


    To the east of Lake Charzykowskie is the “Bory Tucholskie” National Park, created in 1996 from the most valuable parts of Zaborski Landscape Park.

  • Cactus Farm in Rumia

    Cactus Farm in Rumia


    Europe’s largest cactus farm housing in excess of 2 million plants

  • Chojnow Park (Horse) Trail

    Chojnow Park (Horse) Trail


    A trail that includes the stunning, in terms of nature, Chojnowski Forest Loop

  • City Zoological Garden

    City Zoological Garden


    The Zoological Garden in Wroclaw was founded in 1865, but it didn’t exist until the end of the 19th century when appropriate areas were built to meet the requirements of exotic animals.

  • Cracow’s Technical Trail

    Cracow’s Technical Trail


    The first urban tourist trail of this type in Poland – Cracow’s Technical Trail.

  • Drawienski National Park

    Drawienski National Park


    The varied landscape is a joy to behold and is perfect for fans of ornithology – as many as 130 different species of animals are found here.

  • Gorczanski National Park

    Gorczanski National Park

    Poręba Wielka

    A huge variety of plants and birds, often unique in Europe

  • Kampinos National Park

    Kampinos National Park

    Izabelin B

    It is one of the 23 National Parks found in Poland and a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.  It encompasses the Kampinos Forest which lies on glacial plain of the River Vistula.

  • Magurski National Park

    Magurski National Park


    You might be able to see, soaring high above the wilderness of the Low Beskid, the Lesser Spotted Eagle, the symbol of the Magurski National Park. The park was set up in 1995 and its area covers 19 439 hectares.

  • Malopolska Fruit Trail

    Malopolska Fruit Trail


    It encompasses some 300 fruit farms where visitors can sample and buy fruit and other local produce.

  • Narwiański Labyrinth

    Narwiański Labyrinth


    Narew National Park contains the marsh valley of the rivers Suraż and Rzędziany called "The Polish Amazon"

  • Narwianski National Park

    Narwianski National Park


    The greatest asset of this park is the uncontrolled wild River Narew that flows along several channels.  The variety and abundance of the plants and animals increases the attractiveness of the park.

  • Oceanarium in Gdynia

    Oceanarium in Gdynia


    The most impressive exhibition of aquatic animals in Poland

  • Pieniny National Park

    Pieniny National Park

    Krościenko nad Dunajcem

    This may be the smallest of Poland’s National Parks but still is home to thousands of unique and protected species of plants and many rare species of animals. A major attraction of the park is rafting on the Dunajec River.

  • Polesie National Park

    Polesie National Park


    An abundance of unique species of plants and animals and attractive hiking trails

  • Roztocze National Park

    Roztocze National Park


    There is an abundance of varied plants, more than 700 different species and countless wild animals.  The park can be crossed using the many interesting hiking trails.

  • Slowinski National Park

    Slowinski National Park


    The largest attractions of this park are its beautiful and shifting sand dunes.