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  • Center Focus Mall Rybnik

    Center Focus Mall Rybnik


    Shopping Centre situated just off the Rybnik market. Available to customers three levels of shops, restaurants, cafes, cinema.

  • Centum Shopping and Entertainment Plaza Rybnik

    Centum Shopping and Entertainment Plaza Rybnik


    Located just off the market, shopping and entertainment center. Available to customers three levels of shops, cafes, restaurants, a nightclub and a cinema.

  • Cooling Towers and Salt Works in Ciechocinek

    Cooling Towers and Salt Works in Ciechocinek


    The salt works and cooling towers in Ciechocinek is a unique set of architectural monuments on a global scale with a history dating back 170 years.

  • Pier in Sopot

    Pier in Sopot


    The most eye-catching and the longest pier in Poland is also a favourite venue for entertaining events.

  • The Puppet Theatre Pleciuga

    The Puppet Theatre Pleciuga


    The Puppet Theatre "Pleciuga" was set up over 50 years ago in Szczecin. The theatre usually stages four premiere performances a year.

  • The Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima in Krzeptowki in Zakopane

    The Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima in Krzeptowki in Zakopane


    This is one of the oldest centres of the Fatima cult in Poland. It was built as a votive offering for saving of the life of Pope John Paul II after the assassination attempt in 1981.

  • Town Hall

    Town Hall


    The Renaissance town hall - formerly the seat of municipal authorities. The building rebuilt in the mid-16th century by the Italian Giovanni Battista di Quadro of Lugano... [Anna Plenzler; Historic monuments in Poznan; Poznan 2007]

  • 6-ścian Pub

    6-ścian Pub


    Walk into this pub and you will find yourself in a different reality. Comfortable sofas, wide selection of cocktails, an extensive menu, professional and kind staff and pleasant music are the basics of good entertainment.

  • A Fairy Tale Garden Owl in Kaletnik

    A Fairy Tale Garden Owl in Kaletnik


    Spending time in a fairy tale setting among the houses of Little Red Riding Hood’s Grandma, the Dwarfs and the Witch and many other fabulous characters will stimulate children’s imagination and at the same time provide them with fun and joy.

  • ABC



    The cinema for real cinema-lovers.

  • Academy of Music. In Katowice

    Academy of Music. In Katowice


    Academy of Music, the oldest university in the Upper Silesia, which dates back to 1929 the Academy is housed in several buildings. First, the historic neo-Gothic building dating from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, is located at 1933 Regional Street, the second - for teaching purposes Scarlet Street 5, the third - on the street Zacisze 3 has representative offices: the rector and vice-rectors, while the fourth is located on the street Krasinski Located 27 Institutes and Acting and Vocal Jazz and Contemporary Music. The building operates university opera theater.
    The Academy organizes numerous concerts, recitals, workshops and master classes, lectures, conferences, seminars, exhibitions and festivals including International Chamber Music Festival, International Festival of Violin, harp International Festival, International Festival "Silesian Guitar Autumn" International Festival of Academic Orchestra, Silesian Jazz Festival, Bach Festival of Silesia.
    It works in the Academic Symphony Orchestra. In Katowice, Chamber Choir and the Choir Academy of Music.

  • Adventure Park SPARTA

    Adventure Park SPARTA


    SPARTA Adventure Park is a place where you can pleasantly and actively spend your free time. You will find many attractions, you will have a great adventure and unforgettable experience.

  • Africa Reggae Festival

    Africa Reggae Festival


    Africa Reggae Festival is the oldest reggae festival in Poland. It takes place on the last january weekend. Since several ages it is also one of the biggest event and visited by the most outstanding polish reggae and ska music performer. On "Africa" festival played already all polish reggae leaders like Izrael, Bakshish and Daab.

  • Alibi Club

    Alibi Club


    The music club "Alibi" was opened in January 1998.

  • Alpine Coaster Dębowca Stok

    Alpine Coaster Dębowca Stok


    The toboggan run is situated in a clearing on the slope Dębowca. With heated in winter gutter slope, the object is available all year round. The entire length of the track lighting is installed and monitored.

  • Amphitheater



    Covered amphitheater for an audience of about 2,300 people.

  • Andersen's Theatre

    Andersen's Theatre


    The magic of theatre for the youngest.

  • Apollo



    It is a place of many film contests, meetings with artists and special events. The cinema offers unique atmosphere. You can see the newest productions as well as let popular but valuable propositions.

  • Apollo Cinema

    Apollo Cinema


    Apollo is biggest cinema (movies) in Kalisz, with modern equipment kinotechnicznym and on each hall air-conditioner.

  • Aqua park

    Aqua park "Nemo Water World"

    Dąbrowa Górnicza

    Water park complex, located in Haller Park has numerous recreational pools, sports and outdoor swimming pool, water slides, passages, sauna and salt cave, in addition to the base of gastronomic restaurants and bars.