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Community Centre

Municipal Cultural Centre in Olsztyn is an institution which organizes leisure and cultural education leads systematically children, adolescents and adults. Participants of the classes to develop their artistic talents, pursue their own interests, fill in your free time fun, participate
in competitions at local, provincial, regional
and nationwide.
For years, collaborating with various institutions in the country, Municipal Cultural Centre in Olsztyn is the organizer of events aimed at families, educational events
and entertainment: concerts of Christmas carols and patriotic songs
in churches, meetings with interesting people, soirées, recitation contests, art, nursery songs, instrumental music concerts, exhibitions, paintings, folk art, summer concerts and festivals, marszobiegu, review of folk songs, art abstyneneckiej review, tournaments, chess and table tennis, sightseeing tours, trips to the theater and concert hall, common room class care and education.
Opening hours: 12.00 - 20.00

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Piłsudskiego 15
42-256 Olsztyn
Latitude and Longitude: 50.751662616037,19.264526367188
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