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A Fairy Tale Garden Owl in Kaletnik

Spending time in a fairy tale setting among the houses of Little Red Riding Hood’s Grandma, the Dwarfs and the Witch and many other fabulous characters will stimulate children’s imagination and at the same time provide them with fun and joy.
A Fairy Tale Garden „Owl” is a place where individual adults with their children and organized groups of school and kindergarten children are invited. With borrowed costumes children will have an opportunity of dressing them selves up as fairy tale characters. There is also a possibility of taking photos next to big illustrations from children’s books. For little children we have established a fairy tale corner with The Winnie-the Pooh’s House, a slide and a pool as well as The Gardener’s House. In a souvenir shop fairy tale toys can be obtained. We also organize all kinds of parties like fancy dress balls, St Andrew’s Eve party, St. Nicholas’ Day, Children’s Day, name day and birthday parties. We also invite to participate in drumming workshops which take place in a special “Stone Circle”. Everybody can take part in the workshops regardless of age, knowledge and skills, also those ones who have never had any previous musical experiences. All those who feel like having relax and strength regeneration are invited to use the Pyramid’s energy.

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Kaletnik 81
16-411 Kaletnik
Latitude and Longitude: 54.2046,23.1183
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