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Regio Neder Silezië


Lower Silesian Tourist Organisation (pl. Dolnoslaska Organizacja Turystyczna)- is an association and the first regional organization that deals with promotion of Lower Silesia and supports the growth of tourism in above mentioned region. An association incorporates different members who volunteered to create together a net of assets supporting each other and contributing to constant expansion of tourism.

The organization acts in different ways and fields aiming at one goal – promotion of Lower Silesia with its cultural, culinary and natural heritage and diversity . It develops different touristic routes across the region emphasizing the role of certain assets or regional values. Among of all the touristic routes we can distinguish: European Route of Castles and Palaces, Route of Mysterious Undergrounds, culinary one: ‘Flavours of Lower Silesia’ or the newest one dedicated to cycling routes. They also own and manage the net of points of touristic information providing maps, guidebooks and kind words with any explanation needed. Another important action they undertake is participation in various European Projects such as ECRR(European Culture Route of Reformation), Neisse Go or CAVA(Competences for Added Value Agro-food Micro-Productions: Entrepreneurial Development in Rural Areas).

They try to find different ways for promotion of this beautiful region. To one of many innovative ideas belong road signs presenting touristic routes, objects or monuments. Another one is an online platform for booking various holiday lettings.

Lower Silesian Tourist Organisation is the most dynamically evolving regional organization in Poland, gaining more and more popularity thanks to versatility of activities they engage in.

Dolnośląska Organizacja Turystyczna
Ul. Świdnicka 44
50-027 Wrocław
Phone number: 0048 71 793 97 22