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Sopot is one of the most charming Polish cities and one of the most frequently visited Baltic resorts. Sopot may be associated with beautiful sandy beaches, but it is also a perfect place for walking and recreation. A wide range of hotels and spas as well as culinary and entertainment possibilities, interesting sports and cultural events and an abundance of urban greenery every year attract more and more visitors to this beautiful city.

The healing traditions of Sopot date back to the beginning of the 19th century, when Jean George Haffner, a doctor in Napoleon’s army, who appreciated the beauty and healing qualities of this seaside hideaway, decided to settle in Sopot and created a bathing resort. Wealthy visitors were attracted here by the attractions of the seaside climate, sea-bathing and attention to one’s health, as well as the charm of a growing town, in which in addition to the treatments available, guests could enjoy entertainment and relaxation in good company. During the following years Sopot developed into a world-famous resort, which in 1999 obtained the status of a spa resort.

The natural riches of Sopot and primarily the seaside climate, attractive location and very good flight connections attract more and more visitors from foreign countries to come to Sopot. It is a perfect place for a city break, family holidays, romantic getaway or relax.

In 2023 Sopot will celebrate 200th anniversary of Sopot resort. Many interesting events will take place in Sopot throughout the year. Sopot also plans new investments in order to promote its healing and resort traditions. That is why, it is worth visiting Sopot in 2023. 

In 2023, Sopot will celebrate its spa and curative traditions. The city will celebrate 200th anniversary of Sopot resort. Throughout the whole year, many cultural, entertainment and sport events will take place in the most charming Polish city and the most popular Polish resort. What’s more, tourist and guests visiting Sopot next year will be able to walk along the new tourist trail in order to get to know profits of Sopot brine and enjoy entertainment and relaxation in good company. 

The spa trail will lead from the Brine Water Pump Room located in the Spa House, through inhalation mushrooms with Sopot Brine and new mini brine towers. Along the route there will be places to rest and exercise thanks to signs with proposed physical exercises. We would like to encourage tourists to take advantage of the seaside climate, sea-bathing and the treatments available. Vitamin D from the sun, a breeze rich in iodine and inhalations from the Sopot brine will make everyone feel relaxed. 

The brine has unique healing properties used in  hydrotherapy, cosmetology and natural medicine. It mineralizes the body through the skin and helps in supplementing mineral salt deficiencies. Salt waters are also recommended for gastrointestinal disorders and as a supplement for people with diabetes. That is why we would like to promote the healing traditions of Sopot. 

More detailed information will be published soon. Check regularly the website http://www.visit.sopot.pl to be updated! 


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