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Staging of the Battle of Grunwald in Grunwald


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  • Facility type: Turer


  • Date: 2018-07-14


  • Organizer: Gmina Grunwald, Muzeum Bitwy pod Grunwaldem, Fundacja Grunwald

Staging of the Battle of Grunwald in Grunwald
Staging of the Battle of Grunwald in Grunwald

This annual event attracts tens of thousands of spectators as well as the thousands taking part staging the fighting between knights.

It was fought between the Teutonic forces, commanded by the Grand Master Ulrich von Jungingen, and the army, under the command of Wladyslaw Jagiello, made up of Polish and Lithuanian troops as well as Russian, Czech and Tartar units. Every year about 10,000 historical battles are reconstructed around the world. In Poland the most popular is the Battle of Grunwald. Since 1989, medieval enthusiasts meet on the Grunwald fields near Stembark. Skirmishes between knights from Germany, Italy, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and even USA are watched by tens of thousands of spectators. In 2010 was the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald and the staging of its reconstruction became the largest historical event of its kind in the world. On the Fields of Grunwald over 2200 knights clashed and were watched by over 100,000 spectators. Apart from the battlefield, tourists could visit the camps of both armies involved in the fighting and see how the inhabitants lived. There were also jousting tournaments, shows and market stalls selling products made by skilled craftsmen.

Grunwald Foundation (woj. Warminsko-Mazurskie)


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